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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Stephanie Mason

Stephanie Mason is a transplant from Washington but calls Alaska home. She fell in love with Alaska and its pristine lands on a spontaneous backpacking trip to Alaska in 2015. About a year later she found herself settling in on Kodiak Island. She has a B.A. in Community Psychology from the University of Washington with a focus in social work. After moving to Kodiak in 2016, she was quickly inspired by Alaskan’s deep connection with the environment and subsistence resources.  She decided to step away from social work and pursue a career in environmental stewardship. For the past 5 years Stephanie has been dedicated to protecting Alaska’s lands and resources, specializing in rural waste management. She’s been the person behind running Kodiak’s local recycling center, and managing and overseeing Kodiak’s Environmental Consortium (EPA IGAP). And, just before Stephanie became a part of the Zender team, she was working as part of the Control Tower for Phase II of Backhaul Alaska’s Pilot Program (BAPP).  In her free time, you can find her beach combing with her two mutts, summiting a mountain, mountain biking, harvesting Kodiak’s goodies, or learning a new recipe!