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Alaska Solid Waste Workgroup

The Alaska Solid Waste Workgroup is an ad hoc, open member group of all entities that provide statewide, or regional solid waste assistance. Meetings used to be held regularly at ATCEM and AFE each year, for the purpose of exchanging project information, avoiding duplication and waste of effort, sharing funding opportunities, and discussing needs and strategies in moving rural Alaska solid waste conditions forward. Through USDA Rural Development, Zender Environmental is able to help organize the meetings once again and compile notes.

Our last workgroup meeting was held on October 27th 2016 (see  notes from the meeting below). The next meeting will likely be held at ATCEM in 2017. If you think you might like to attend the next meeting, we can place you on an email contact list to notify you.  Contact Simone Sebalo at the contact details listed below and ask to be added to the Alaska Solid Waste Workgroup meeting list.

Simone Sebalo, 907 277 2111.

Alaska Solid Waste Workgroup Service Providers List, 2015

Notes from November 7, 2011 meeting at ATCEM

Notes from November 6, 2012 meeting at ATCEM

Notes from November 12, 2013 meeting at ATCEM

Notes from October 28, 2014 meeting at ATCEM

Notes from October 29, 2015 meeting at ATCEM

Notes from October 27, 2016 meeting at ATCEM