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A-Z Topic Help

Air Quality
Alaska Solid Waste Workgroup

Budgeting – Budgeting Guide for Alaska Villages
Burning Wastes

Cars (recycling junk cars)
Climate change resources
Closing your dump/landfill– CCTHITA – A Guide to Closing Solid Waste Disposal Sites in Alaska Villages
Collection – Starting a collection program, setting up user fees
Collection carts/trailers
Community Cleanups
Community Involvement
Conditions, Risks, and Contributing Factors of Solid Waste Management in Alaska Native Villages
Construction and Demolition waste
Containers – How To Calculate How Many Waste Containers You Will Need For Your Community
Counting your trash

Drums, Drum Crushers, and Reusing Drums

Education and Outreach Resources
Electronic goods/e-waste
Emergency Response Plan
Environmental Justice

Fencing for dumpsites or other projects
Fire extinguisher recycling
Fish net recycling
Fluorescent lights
Freon removal

Glass Crushers

Handouts and Materials From Conferences/Trainings in 2006
Handouts from ATCEM Presentation 2008-Exposure Pathways
Hazardous materials reuse/exchange shed
Hazardous wastes
Hazardous Waste Guide for Alaska Native Villages
Hazardous Waste Sites on Tribal Lands Final Report
Hazardous Waste Sites on Tribal Lands Summary of Results Pictorial
Hazardous Wastes — What are they? Definition and Regulations
Health risks and health studies
HHW reuse shed
Honeybucket hoppers – where to purchase equipment and find funding
How much does tradition matter? Comparison of Tribal versus Non-Tribal values in the context of waste site pollution
Household Hazardous Wastes

Introduction to SWM
ISWMP Template

Junk car/vehicle recycling

Kids – Educational resources for kids

Labels – printable shipping labels for various materials
Landfill Operators
Landfill Roads – The Role of Landfill Roads in Addressing Health Risks and Other Problematic Issues in Rural Alaska Native Villages
Landfill Road Mats
Landfill Signs
Lead-acid batteries
Left Out In the Cold– Solid Waste Management and the Risks to Resident Health in Native Village Alaska

Making your dump safer
MOU’s and MOA’s

Netting/Webbing Recycling

Oil(Used oil burners, filter crushers, blenders)
Operator, landfill operations information for operators

Packing Instructions for Recyclables and Electronics
PFAS Fact Sheet
Plan – SWM Plan Template
Planning – ANTHC’s/ANHB’s Integrated Waste Management Planning Guide
Plastic bags vs Styrofoam – How to decide what waste to address first in protecting your community
Plastic bag ban
Prescription Drug Disposal
Printer cartridge recycling
Protecting Communities Through PASTE

QAPP’s (related to water quality)

RACEJT – Rural Alaska Community Environmental Job Training Program
RALO training
Refrigerator/freezer recycling – poster made by La’ona De Wilde, TCC, funded by USDA
Reuse Shed – Household Hazardous Wastes
Road mats for landfills

Road Dust

Shipping – hazardous wastes (updated doc coming soon)
Signs for your landfill
Shipping labels for various materials
Soil Remediation Project Venetie, Alaska
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste Resources
Solid Waste Service Providers
Solid Waste Management on Indian Reservations: Limitations of Conventional SW Engineering, Dissertation 1999, University of California
Spill Response Plan
Spring cleanup
Statewide Integrated Waste Management Plan Assessment Report
Statewide Solid Waste Plan Assessment Survey: Comparison between Southwest Alaska Region and the remainder of the State
Storing hazardous wastes
Subsistence and open dumps
Success Stories

Template – SWM Plan
Thrift Store
Tire Disposal and Recycling
Traditions, Why Traditions Matter
Training Feedback
Training Resources

Used Antifreeze
Used Oil
Used Oil Burners
User fees

Waste assessment/characterization
Waste Index
Waste Oil Blenders (WOTECs)
Water – Source Water and Solid Waste ARWA Presentation
Water Quality Information (including QAPP resources)
Water Quality – RCAC Kotlik Landfill sampling assessment training video
What to do with Waste in the Tundra
White Paper on Impact of GAP Activity Guidance, Zender Environmental