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Ordinances and Resolutions

We are currently gathering example ordinances that Villages have developed on solid waste issues and other environmental topics. If your Village has any ordinances that could be shared with other Villages, please contact us at 907 277 2111


Environmental Ordinance Development For Alaska Tribes, TCC

Tribal Ordinance/Code Development – Prepared by Lisa Jaeger, TCC

NAU EEOP Tribal Ordinance/Code Development Resources

Traditional governance

MOU’s and MOA’s

Developing Solid Waste Codes and Ordinances and Examples (EPA region 9 webpage)

Tribal Decision Maker’s Guide Chapter 3: Developing, Implementing and Enforcing Solid Waste Codes, Laws and Regulations

Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes

Tribal Government Information and Resources,Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) Website

Developing Codes, Laws & Regulations ANTHC/ANHB SWM Guide Appendix 8


Construction and Demolition Waste, and Contractor Related Ordinances

Comprehensive SW Code w/Contract Example for Contractor Waste (Anonymous)

Kwigillingok environmental code which includes a Contractor Responsibility section

Chignik Lagoon Contractor Service Agreement

Anonymous service agreement for Contractor waste

Standard Service Agreement Between Tribe and Contractor

Waste Burning Related Ordinances

Tanana’s Burn Barrel Restriction

New Stuyahok’s Burn Ordinance

Plastic Bag and Styrofoam Banning Related Ordinances

City of Bethel ordinance banning the use of plastic carry-out bags and polystyrene take-out containers

Louden Tribal Council Resolution for Banishment Of Plastic Retail Bags

Native Village of Koyuk resolution for the banishment of plastic shopping bags

Aleut Community of St. Paul island tribal Government resolution banning plastic store bags

City of Fort Yukon’s ordinance for banning plastic bags and requiring can recycling

City of Fort Yukon’s ordinance for banning styrofoam

An ordinance of Native Village of Nightmute, Nightmute Traditional Council and City of Nightmute, providing for banishment of retail plastic bags within the community of Nightmute

Native Village of Nightmute resolution for banishment of retail plastic bags

User Fee Ordinances

Draft User Fee Resolution Language

Other Ordinances

Birch Creek Tribal Council solid waste ordinance

Anonymous ordinance for solid waste

Chefornak Traditional Council Environmental Resolution

Native Village of Selawik – Government-to-government resolution (including solid waste) with the USEPA

City of King Cove ordinance prohibiting improper disposal of used oil
Also see their Oil Tank Visual here

Native Village Of Venetie recycling ordinance

Native Village of St. Michael ordinance pertaining to the health and safety of the residents of St. Michael

City of Aleknagik Solid Waste Ordinance

Chignik Bay MOA (between TC and City) and Environmental Resolutions

Pilot Point solid waste resolution (between TC and City)

Kotlik solid waste ordinance

Template Resolutions

Template resolution for banning Styrofoam
Template resolution for fishnet monitoring
Template resolution for battery disposal
Template resolution for solid waste disposal