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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

April Reed-McCoy

M.S. Program Manager
Environmental education, training certification & job skills, training coordination

Born and raised in the Midwest, April earned a Bachelor of Science in English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a focus in Human Peace and Conflict from University of Kansas to begin an exciting and extensive career in Program Development within the environmental education field.  April received a Master of Science degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education from Alaska Pacific University, focusing on place-based learning and teaching through living systems. Working with all ages, April offers over 22 years of experience in successful Program Development, including management, & evaluation; fundraising & grantwriting; and outreach and education. As the RACEJT Program Manager for the past ten years, April has been highly effective at developing workforce skills and attaining high job placement rates for youth and adults. April’s continuing focus is to connect individuals to self, community and planet in hopes of promoting and supporting ecologically sustainable concepts and compassionate relationships.  She enjoys teaching others how to use experiential education techniques and games to communicate important concepts and skills building more effectively. April strives to be a protector of water as it is a right and resource to all living organisms. Her message is “We are all connected by our waterways.  We share this space as family.”