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Lepani Nadore

Rural Waste Management and Backhaul Specialist

Lepani Nadore is a Native Pacific Islander from American Samoa who grew up in Alaska.  Lepani has worked in the environmental field since 2012, with nine of those years in the Sugpiaq community of Old Harbor, where he worked for the tribe. A 2013 graduate of our Rural Alaska Community Environmental Job Training (RACEJT) Program, his start was as a Solid Waste Technician. and he helped to establish the Old Harbor recycling center, which collects and backhauls batteries, electronics, and many other types of discarded materials. Lepani has held community positions as a Tribal Administrator, Emergency Responder, Volunteer Rural Firefighter and Farmer.  He brings substantial hands-on rural community experience in setting up and operating emergency response and solid waste and backhaul programs, and looks forward most to inspiring future environmental workers in entering this field, expanding their knowledge, and protecting their community.