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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Simone Sebalo

Simone is Deputy Director of Zender Environmental Health, and has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in environmental/civil engineering from UC Davis. She conducted her thesis work on the challenges and issues pertaining to implementing an alternative option to honeybucket use in rural Alaska. Simone worked with Zender as an undergraduate research assistant in studying waste management issues with Tribes before entering private business as an environmental engineer for five years, returning to work with Tribal waste and environmental issues in 1999. She has agency experience, having worked for the EPA Region 9 Tribal Program. Simone has traveled throughout Alaska to over forty-five off-road communities and provides regular technical assistance and training to rural communities on solid waste and backhaul issues. She has carried out global arctic research related to solid waste issues in small arctic communities and is passionate about sharing lessons learned across the arctic to problem-solve tough issues related to waste management.

Simone is a member of the Solid Waste Alaska Taskforce Executive Committee.