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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

What We Do


Do you need help with backhaul?  We can help you for free!  

Our staff are state-wide experts at providing all kinds of backhaul assistance and we have been helping Alaska communities with backhaul for over 15 years. We can help you in-person in your community, or over the phone, email, or zoom.

Whether you need help with packaging your materials, figuring out where and how to send them, where to purchase packing supplies or equipment, how to fill out the shipping paperwork, or how to carry out an inventory, we can help with it all, for free.  Just give us a call!

We also provide free comprehensive backhaul training which includes required DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations training so your community is in compliance and covered. Our trainings also cover safety, packaging, labelling, paperwork, loading, and shipping.  Backhaul trainings are held throughout the year in both in-person and virtual format.  You can check out any upcoming backhaul trainings on our training page (link to it), or feel free to contact us for individual or group trainings.

We help with backhauling all kinds of materials including electronic waste (computers, tv’s etc), batteries, mercury containing items, scrap metal, liquid hazardous wastes, fish nets and other plastics, general recyclables, and much more.  Call (907) 277 2111, email , or text  (833) 277-0718 us for assistance.

Zender Environmental also currently administers SWAT’s Backhaul Alaska program. Backhaul Alaska is a statewide program that coordinates the hauling of hazardous wastes out of rural Alaska communities. A two-phase pilot program for community electronics, lead acid batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs began in Summer 2018 for twenty-six villages and will continue through 2021. The Backhaul Alaska program will develop over ten years and in time will operate as a full management service for any entity generating waste in rural Alaska. If you are interested in joining the Backhaul Alaska program or would like more information, email 

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