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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

What We Do

Community Assistance

Does your Community have garbage, honey bucket, or water quality problems? Do you need assistance for any of your environmental program activities?

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We can help!

No problem is too big too small too short or too long. Our staff are heavily experienced in rural Alaska, and enjoy helping individuals and communities build programs that fit their unique circumstances. We will work with you — starting where you are at, going at the pace that works for you, and not stopping until the problem is fixed or you are ready to address it on your own.

What kinds of free help do we give?

Practically anything that helps to develop, enhance, and evaluate community waste and water quality programs. Including help with:

  • Skills Building
    filling out forms, submitting reports, using computers, understanding workplans, compiling budgets, etc.
  • Planning
    Assessing needs, developing Solid Waste Plans, QAPPs, user fees, strategic plans
  • Landfill Operations
    Development of recycling, reducing, reusing programs. Sizing, purchasing, and operating equipment, collection program design, user fees & billing, ordinances
  • Water Quality Programs
    Developing quality insurance program plans (QAPPs), on-site water quality training, help with purchasing the right equipment.
  • Health and Environmental Assessment
    Identifying and prioritizing health and environmental issues to water and waste.
  • Backhaul
    Arranging shipping logistics, preparing, packing, and purchasing. Removing Refrigerant
  • Community Involvement & Education
    Assist with surveys, outreach materials, researching useful practices from other communities, on-site presentations, Education planning
  • Funding
    Identifying funding sources for your projects, grant proposal writing, and assistance with USDA and other grant/loan applications.

How much will this cost ?

Nothing! Its free! USDA RD generously funds our assistance to communities. If you see anyone from there, please thank them! How do we help? Whatever makes the most sense for the problem that you have. Over the phone, through email and text, a site visit to your community, or remote site visit using zoom. We can even send you a portable satellite hotspot so you can show us live video of your landfill and backhaul facility.

Get Started – Contact Us.

Contact us using the below ways. We will match you with the staff person best able to assist you. If we can answer your question quickly, we will, and otherwise we will set up time to chat and decide together the best way we can help.






Video Conference

Here Sean helps calibrate water quality equipment on a Zoom call.

Remote Site Visits

Remote site office visit. Contact us to set up a zoom chat to share your screen or show us something using your local wifi.

Remote Field Visits

Want instruction in the field? Need to show us your dump or backhaul facility? We can send you a portable satellite hotspot device that will allow you to hook up to the Internet and video chat with us in the field on your phone, tablet, or computer. We are testing this program in 2021.

On- Site Visits

Water quality refresher – Here, staff go out in the field to refresh sampling skills.

Some problems are just better solved in-person.  Thanks to USDA RD, our staff can come out to your community and work with you there. When you contact us we will talk about this possibility.