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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

What We Do

Rural Alaska Community Environmental Job Training (‘RaceJT’)

The purpose of the RACEJT program is to provide environmental training and job readiness skills for unemployed or under-employed (working no more than 20 hours per week) residents in rural communities impacted by environmental health issues.

Scholarships are available to make the training free. Are you interested in finding environmental related work within your community or region? RACEJT can give you the boost you need by providing the basic technical and job readiness skills that employers seek.

RACEJT 2023 begins March 23rd. Applications are available October 18th to November 29th.

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RACEJT 2023 Dates

March 23 – May 4th, 2023. Session 1 and 2, held in Anchorage: (1) March 23rd – April 5th, and (2) April 17th – April 30th. Between April 5th and April 17th, Students fly home and participate in a limited set of virtual classes, requiring a computer and internet.

RACEJT works…

Set of Courses Offered

While there are regular core classes, the RACEJT program of study is finalized each year with input from rural Alaska employers. In this way, we maximize employment opportunities for our graduates.  

RACEJT offers two programs – one full and one virtual. Only one program is offered each year. Based on the COVID-19 pandemic status, an assessment in February is made as to whether classes can be held safely in-person in Anchorage. 

RACEJT-FL (in-person): The full RACEJT Program — RACEJT-FL is an intensive in- residence training held in Anchorage each Spring. It consists of 4 weeks total over two sessions and an interim 10-day break. Graduates obtain 15 plus skills certifications and earn 10 college credits through the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, earning an Occupational Endorsement as a Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Emergency Response Technician.

Click here to see the List of Classes & Certifications.

RACEJT-CS (virtual only): In severe pandemic years, we also offer a pared down, 8-credit Core Skills Program, RACEJT-CS, which covers the fundamental skills needed for rural community environmental technician work. RACEJT-CS is a remote learning program allowing students to stay in their home communities while learning job skills. It takes place over 7 weeks during the Spring and is employed in the case of COVID-19 travel restrictions or high state case numbers community transmission.

Click here to see the List of Classes & Certifications.