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Zender Environmental Health & Research Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Who We Are


Dr. Lynn Zender
Executive Director
Capacity building & analysis, health risks, environmental impacts, special projects
Simone Sebalo, M.S.
Deputy Director
Engineering logistics, planning, capacity building, backhaul, and special projects
Sean Peterson
Senior Environmental Scientist
Technical Assistance, Water & Soil Sampling, QAPP development, Training Instructor
Reilly Kosinski
Waste Logistics and Training Development Specialist
Backhaul & recycling, hazardous wastes, Freon removal, rural logistics
Charla Peterson
Office Manager
Office virtual networking, file organization & sharing, recordkeeping
Evelyn Agnus
Rural Environmental Program Specialist Level and GIS & Data Management Specialist
Dr. Lina Shea
Environmental Scientist
Toxics exposures and health risks, tribal risk assessment, global change effects, plant and soil ecology, permafrost dynamics
April Reed-McCoy
M.S. Program Manager
Environmental education, training certification & job skills, training coordination
Paul Berry
Environmental Scientist
Rural landfill operations, composting, recycling, solid waste program budgeting
Lepani Nadore
Rural Waste Management and Backhaul Specialist
Derrik Spoelman
Backhaul Alaska Statewide Assistant Coordinator, Grounds Operations
Meg Burgett
Environmental Program Capacity Specialist
Job training, program development, technical assistance, and outreach and education
Jasmine Perea
Rural Environmental Program Specialist
Karla Jensen
Rural Environmental Program Specialist
Joanna Kelly
Rural Environmental Program Specialist
Dr. Jesse Sayles
Sustainability Scientist
Program Development and analysis, sustainability, backhaul, and special projects.